Genius Creative

In this very clever albeit cruel stunt ‘Trojan Mailing’, DHL get their competitors to advertise for them.  UPS and other delivery services were tricked into delivering parcels which were in fact just moving billboards advertising DHL. The idea involved covering delivery boxes in thermo-active foil which hid DHL’s sneaky message when cool. The package’s delivery addresses were purposefully hard to find so that when the secret message was revealed ‘DHL is faster’ it would have even more impact. Even though delivery men saw the message, they obviously had no choice but to deliver the parcels. 

Whilst this might seem the work of an evil genius, I could not help but think that there seemed something fishy about this stunt. It seemed slightly too cruel.  I was right. DHL have admitted that they have had nothing to do with the advert. Who even knows if it was real or staged. Seems like an ad agency is trying its hardest to get noticed.  A plan which has worked well with the video reaching far over a million views at the time of posting. It is a shame DHL was not behind it, it is refreshing to see brands push boundaries and not afraid to play dirty in doing so. 

Most of us are tired of Flash Mobs due to T-Mobiles overuse of them.  Recently, they seem to have attracted a ‘naff’ status.  However, all is not lost.  This week Tic Tac launched one and it’s actually a pretty cool use of the medium.   

Angry Birds is everywhere, and to be honest it’s high presence is starting to get monotonous.  The brand needed some wacky promotion to get people excited and talking about the brand again.  I think their latest stunt may have just done the trick.  The brand (with the help of a NASA astronaut) have launched their latest game, Angry Birds Space, from actual space, being the first ever game company to do so.   The stunt even aims to teach you some science; the laws of gravity. Nice work.  

Mercedes Benz devised a really clever stunt that promoted their new 0.0 emissions F-CELL car.  They made the car appear invisible.  I think it’s great that companies are getting more experimental with promoting environmentally friendly products.  Lets hope it’s a start of things to come.    

Brilliant.  To promote the film Chronicle, 20th Century Fox had people flying over NY in an impressive stunt.  

I find anything interesting that pushes the boundaries of what ‘defines’ advertising. Here’s a great example by Tropicana.  As part of their Brighter Mornings campaign, the brand created an art installation in the middle of Trafalgar Square.  It took 6 months to build the ‘sun’, a lovely stunt that got the campaign message across in a simple yet effective way.  It commanded attention on a gloomy cold winter morning.