Genius Creative

Tip-Ex’s Hunter and Bear are back in a new interactive YouTube viral.  A Hunter Shoots a Bear (the first installment) by agency Buzzman has managed to receive 19, 445,458 reviews to date.  The video places a bear and hunter face to face and viewers are asked to chose the fate of their encounter.

In the new viral 'Hunter and Bear's 2012 Birthday party' bear is busy celebrating his birthday when It gets interpreted by a huge meteor heading towards earth, with the end of the world nigh.  Hunter saves the day with the help of Tip-Ex and you.  The viewer has the choice to end the party or keep it going.  Prompted with a box, users have to enter a year they wish to see the party continue to.  Enter date 25,000 to see cavemen discovering fire or 2013 to see aliens intrude earth.  There are also some cool interactive dates.  Such as 1980, which is a PacMan Tip-Ex game you can play or enter 1970 to be taken to a disco where you can use keys 5,6,7 to get bear dancing! Hours of fun can be had watching the results as you key in dates. It just goes to show that no matter how bland a product like correction fluid you are stuck with, you can still produce great creative work.