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A simple bit of advice. It is not enough for an ad to have a cool gimmick, the gimmick needs to have a point.

There is nothing that annoys me more than creatives producing ads centered around a cool gimmick when that gimmick doesn’t back up a message. One key advice I always give is that it is not enough for an ad to have a cool gimmick, that gimmick needs to make a point. 

My frustration with pointless gimmicks was recently awoken by the current Ford print ad for Ford Israel (see below). The ad looks to promote the new Ford Explorer’s Park Assist feature which aims to ‘help you park easily.’


The ad centers around an optical illusion, with the copy prompting the viewer to “Stare at the black dot for 30 seconds. Move your eyes to the empty parking space. See how easy it is to park.”  It is not the first time an optical illusion has been used in an ad, but it is the perfect example of when gimmicks go wrong. Asking an audience to stare at an ad for 30 seconds requires a big punchline, sadly, this ad fails to deliver.

Now, I have stared at this ad on numerous occasions and each time, my eyes ram the SUV into the parked cars which gives the opposite message to that intended; it is not easy to park with Park Assist, actually it is rather hard and you leave the ad feeling frustrated, unimpressed and confused. Whilst the gimmick may have seemed like a fun way to promote a feature, with no substance the ad falls flat on its face.

The advertisement is a great example of the importance to make sure your ad backs up its message. Creatives often get too caught up in fun gimmicks forgetting the soul importance of an ad, its message. 

There is nothing more exciting than when a brand utilizes technology and does something really unique with its advertising. Apotek’s advert blew Swedish commuters away with its innovative thinking and clever placement strategy. 

The idea was brilliantly simple, incoming trains in a Stockholm subway triggered ultra sonic sensors on an interactive digital billboard on the platform and caused the model’s hair in the ad to move.  A genius way to introduce a new line of hair products. 

Very clever drink driving ad “Now you see it. Now you don’t”. Simplicity at its best. 

Very clever drink driving ad “Now you see it. Now you don’t”. Simplicity at its best. 

Turns out We Buy Any Car don’t actually buy ‘any’ car.

Turns out We Buy Any Car don’t actually buy ‘any’ car.

Social Media Banter

Social Media is an invaluable tool. If used correctly it can create a real personality for a brand and gain them lots of new customers. Two perfect examples of this happened last week.

One was a Twitter rap battle between Tesco Mobile and O2.  Tesco surprisingly beat the king of social media O2, providing much better copy and generally being more on the ball. O2 was made out to be the uncool kid when it tried to promote its Be More Dog campaign in the rap battle. 


The other example was Twitter banter between the brands Innocent, O2 and Tango. Again O2 tried to promote its Be More Dog campaign by hijacking a picture of a puppy that was tweeted by smoothie company Innocent.



You can find full coverage of the social media banter over at The Drum

Very clever idea for IBM’s ‘Smarter Cities’ campaign. Turning billboards into useful designs/objects. 

In their latest campaign, Corona turns the moon into a slice of lime in a creative billboard stunt. Love the concept, not keen on the billboard set-up though. The top and bottom screens look out of proportion. Great to see brands continuing to push the boundaries of what you can do with traditional media. 

This is one of those surprised it hasn’t been done before and wish I had thought of it moments. Coca-Cola have touched upon a stroke of genius with their latest product creation, The Sharing Can. A can that splits into two so it can be shared. Coca-Cola are all about spreading moments of happiness, the new can format fits perfectly in with the companies philosophy.

And pull to reveal two half-sized self-contained cans for you and a friend

Some people argue that traditional media will soon be long forgotten and used less as we enter a digitally focused future. However, advertisements such as this one for Nivea sunscreen prove that print media and other traditional forms can still make an impact just as much as digital can, you just have to be innovative with it. 

Nivea, used the clever insight that, the heavy reliant on digital generation of today may be forced to leave the beach when their phone battery dies.  In response to this, Nivea created a print ad. that acts as a phone charger which is powered by solar energy. What’s even more clever is due to it’s useful benefit, it’s an advert that people will use over and over again, constantly being reminded of the company’s brand. Great work. 

A really simple but effective spot that highlights the loss of shore bird’s lives due to them eating plastic that is used to make Coca-Cola (and other soft drink) bottles. Not surprisingly, Coca-Cola is fighting legislation in Australia that will help solve the issue. Greenpeace gets an important message across brilliantly in this spot. Here’s more information on the campaign